SEO Information

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation.  It is a series of activities, tasks and strategies used to help websites rank on search engines when users type in keywords related to their business.

Here at SEO Campaign, we have 10+ years of experience working in the SEO industry.  In this time, a huge number of changes have happened.  Google in particular changes it’s search algorithm on a frequent basis, with a view to making sure the end user has the best experience with the search.  This can be tough for businesses looking to get their site ranking well, as the playing field can turn on it’s head overnight.  This is where a talented SEO company can help!

SEO Campaign work hard to ensure all our SEO services are well within the Google webmaster guidelines. This in essence, means that our clients are less likely to recieve any penalties for the SEO activities we undertake.  There are three key areas to SEO which we work on:

Links – building natural links is a big part of SEO.  As much as 60% of the search algorthim relies on backlinks to help rank your website.  If you do not have any links pointed to your site, you are less likely to rank well. On the other hand, too many poor quality links will almost certainly land you in hot water!  There is a balance to be found, which we can help you with.

On site SEO – these are all the tasks which relate to things your users can see on the site.  Things like headings, tags, titles and more.  We work hard to make sure your headings and titles are well optimised to assist the Google bots to read your pages easily.

Content – there is a saying that content is king. This couldn’t be more true for SEO! The main way that search engines understand your site is through the content on each page.  The content should be substantial enough to help both customers and google to get the answers they require from the site.